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Unique Set of 4 Coasters – Home Decor, Gifts, Tableware

Unique Set of 4 Coasters – Home Decor, Gifts, Tableware

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This beautiful set of coasters have lots of intricate details. They will make a beautiful addition to any room and table.

These coasters have been created to add a piece of original art to your home. The magic behind them is that each single coaster is completely unique and bespoke. It is impossible to create the exact same design on each! All coasters have been backed with a black velvet felt to finish and protect.

Each set will arrive to you already gift wrapped and boxed for the perfect gift for any occasion.

These stunning coasters are ceramic and have been sealed in a quality Epoxy Resin to enhance and protect each piece of art work and to create a high gloss finish. Each piece of art work is created using Alcohol Inks in an abstract technique. Each one is handmade so there may be slight imperfection.

Warning! As these have been handmade, it is not recommended that they are used with high temperatures. High temperatures can mark and damage the Epoxy resin. They will, however, protect furniture or the surface underneath from heat damage. Not recommended for serving food.

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