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70 Hour Tube Candles

70 Hour Tube Candles

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Illuminate your home with candles that evoke a sense of enchantment and add a touch of magic to any room. Our mystical tube candles come in a range of magical styles:

Dark Forest: Wild berry fragrance, decorated with a mystical forest print

Feathers Appear: Vanilla fragrance perfect for remembering loved ones with 'Feathers appear when angels are near' text. 

Moon Phase: Coconut fragrance, perfect for relaxing in the home or manifesting under the moonlight.

Mystical Sage: White sage fragrance for warding off negative energies and cleansing the home. 

Robins Appear: This cranberry scented tube candle features a robin illustration with 'Robins appear when loved ones are near' text. Robins are said to symbolise angels and new beginnings when times are tough, making this a meaningful gift for those who have lost someone close.

 Rainbow Chakra: This candle would make a lovely gift for someone who enjoys yoga or reiki to help enhance their spiritual and physical wellbeing Floral fragrance with hints of lavender, rose and eucalyptus.


 Paraffin wax. Approximate burn time of 70 hours. H22cm x W7cm x D7cm. 

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