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Steampunk Spider

Steampunk Spider

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Welcome to the quirky side of nature with our Steampunk Spider, where the mechanical genius of steampunk artistry meets the fascinating world of spiders. This piece isn't just any decoration; it's a celebration of both the arachnid form and imaginative engineering, standing at 5cm tall, 15.5cm wide, and 12.5cm deep.

Crafted with care from the finest resin, every gear and rivet adds to its mechanical charm, while its lifelike pose pays homage to the natural grace of spiders. It's the perfect addition for anyone who adores these eight-legged wonders or collects pieces that blend the natural with the fantastical. Place it on your desk, shelf, or in your curiosity cabinet, and let it spin its own tale of creativity and admiration for one of nature's most skilled architects. For spider enthusiasts and steampunk fans alike, this spider is more than a figure; it's a small treasure that celebrates the intricate beauty of spiders through the lens of steampunk creativity.

H: 5 x W: 15.5 x D: 12.5cm

Made from Resin.

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