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Nostalgic Radio with built in Alexa

Nostalgic Radio with built in Alexa

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Nostalgic Radio

We love to mix old style and new tech. Nostalgic Radio is the perfect mix of both. A handmade Classic Wooden case finished in an Oak veneers in the style of a war time radio that includes standard MW and FM radio, Nostalgic Radio  rally does have a vintage feel. However we have brought it into the 21st century by adding a built in Alexa Dot Gen3 that we have subtly installed in the top of the radio so you have just one mains lead. All you need is someone to connect up your Alexa within an account . Alexa is so easy to use for anyone of any age and is so handy for reminders to take medication or doing tasks, set cooking timers, playing any music or radio station, getting the day’s news or just telling jokes and so much more

So if you know someone who might find futuristic tech a little scary, then just disguise Nostalgic Radio in the old style!


Nostalgic Radio Dimensions
Nostalgic Radio Length
18 cm
30 cm
42 cm
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