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Weaver Green Darjeeling Rainbow Cushion

Weaver Green Darjeeling Rainbow Cushion

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 A great contrast to our neutral dormouse and chinchilla rugs, and a best friend to our boho range of Nomad rugs, these riotous rainbow cushions are perfect for adding colour and fun to beds, sofas and armchairs. Soft, squishy and with can't-keep-your-hands-off textured panels, it's hard to believe these gorgeous rainbow cushions have such humble beginnings.

Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, each multicoloured striped cushion helps remove up to 600 disused and discarded single-use bottles from landfill, rivers and the ocean. The result is not just a cleaner planet, but beautiful, soft and practical cushions that will stand the tests of time. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our Darjeeling Rainbow Cushions are stain-resistant, machine washable and UV stable.

Size: 45cm x 45cm, 40cm x 60cm Cushion inner: Included (also made entirely from recycled plastic bottles)

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