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Biodegradable and Ethical Bamboo Bowls - BEBB

Biodegradable and Ethical Bamboo Bowls - BEBB

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Our divine spun bamboo trays, 'Bebb' is our exquisite collection of handcrafted spun bamboo bowls. These remarkable pieces are created using time-honored techniques that date back over 800 years, skillfully crafted by traditional artisans in Vietnam.

With your purchase, you are not only acquiring a beautiful addition to your home but also contributing to the support of the village and the preservation of its rich traditions. We hope you love the stunning colours of Motherwell Ink + mist.

  • A set of two bowls
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 12cm | 18cm x 9cm
  • Coated with a food-safe finish
  • Hand-wash recommended, do not soak
  • Biodegradable, promoting sustainability
  • Ideal for everyday use, gifting, and entertaining
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